THC Free CBD Isolate Oils

Clear Serene(tm) is our pure isolate CBD oil,  formulated for use by first responders, educators,  factory workers and others seeking to use CBD without the complications of THC. We offer Clear Serene in Natural, Lemon, Peppermint, Toasted Coconut and Cappuccino Flavors. 

Our cbd oil isolate thc free formulation is derived from non GMO US grown industrial hemp  and certified by third party laboratories to have undetectable levels of THC and Pesticides.

You can feel confident, safe and assured that taking any dose of Clear Serene(tm) you find helpful will not contribute to failing a test for THC/Marijuana use. 

EicosaDose 12 -Clear Peppermint is a 25 ml bottle packed with 600 mg of cell isolate cbd hemp oil combined with 600 mg of astaxanthin,  nature's most powerful cell resident antioxidant, and flavored with peppermint oil. 

Eicosadose’s astaxanthin and its synergistic nano emulsified blend of antioxidants dynamically unlocks your body’s powers in many ways:

Our astaxanthin is sourced naturally from haematococcus pluvialis algae.