Serene Relief Topical Creams

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Serene Relief  300 and Serene Relief 1200 are  powerfully hydrating, moisturizing, non-greasy creams easily absorbed by the skin. 

Serene Relief 300 is a 30 ml bottle packed with 300 mg of CBD and 3rd party tested with no detectable THC. 

Serene Relief 1200 is our extra strenght formulation. Each 30 ml bottle contains 1200 mg of CBD and 3rd party tested with no detectable THC. 

We have developed four unique formulations: 

Serene Relief -Unscented is for all topical users seeking relief without a residual scent and without other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. 

Serene Relief- Morning Scent is a crisp, clean scent with a hint of apple, pear and black current. 

Serene Relief -Lavender is scented with lavender fragrance. 

Serene Relief- Sport adds cooling methol and camphor scents


Serene Relief 300  Unscented Ingredients

Serene Relief 300  Sport Ingredients

Serene Relief 300 Lavender Ingredients

Serene Relief 300 Morning Scent Ingredients


Serene Relief 1200 Unscented Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200  Sports Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200 Lavender Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200 Morning Scent Ingredients