Serene Relief Topical Creams

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Serene Relief 1200 is a powerfully hydrating, moisturizing, non-greasy creams easily absorbed by the skin. 
Each 30 ml bottle contains 1200 mg of CBD and 3rd party tested with no detectable THC. 

We have developed four unique formulations: 

Serene Relief -Unscented is for all topical users seeking relief without a residual scent and without other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. 

Serene Relief- Morning Scent is a crisp, clean scent with a hint of apple, pear and black current. 

Serene Relief -Lavender is scented with lavender fragrance. 

Serene Relief- Sport adds cooling methol and camphor scents

Serene Relief 1200 Unscented Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200  Sports Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200 Lavender Ingredients

Serene Relief 1200 Morning Scent Ingredients


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    Snce Labs Topical Cream

    Posted by Trevor on Jul 5th 2020

    Serene Relief 1200 Testimonial - Trevor

    As a hockey player, I've experienced a multitude of injuries. 3 years ago, I broke my left elbow, which required reconstructive surgery. I was placed in a mechanical arm brace for 6 months. Since then I have struggled with constant inflammation, numbness, pain, tingling sensations, limited mobility, and sleep deprivation. I haven't experienced a decent solid night's sleep since. I wake up multiple times at night in severe pain, constantly readjusting my arm looking for any way to eliminate the pain.

    I heard about CBD oils and the potential benefits. But at the same time, I was advised to do my research and find a CBD oil in its purest form. My friends were disappointed to discover the CBD oil they've used only 50% CBD oil.
    It was during my research that I was introduced to SNCE Labs' "Serene Relief" CBD cream. SNCE Labs have developed a scientific method that extracts CBD at 98%, the highest I've found. I was delighted to find out that SNCE Labs offers the cream with or without TSH.

    I have been taking SNCE Labs "Serene Relief Sport" cream for 9+ months now and it has completely changed my life. Within a couple of days, I noticed the inflammation reduced which improved my range of motion. The tingling and numbness slowly started to dissipate and now it's gone. The biggest improvement in my life since taking the cream is my ability to sleep, pain free. I do not wake up in severe pain. I recently threw out 2 large pillows that I used to have to prop my arm up on at night. I no longer need them and can sleep in any position pain free.

    I highly recommend this product to any athlete out there that is looking to recover from injury without the use of pain medication. It has truly changed my life.

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    Serene relief sport

    Posted by Susie on May 11th 2020

    It didn’t do a thing! Too much like a sport cream “ Bio freeze“ I’ve use other CBD cream and this one I don’t like

    From Nanoserene: Hi Susie, this is one of the most powerful cbd topicals on the market but looks like it didn't work for you. Glad to refund your order. Contact us at