Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Green Serene(tm)  is our CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.  Our lipid rich nano-emulsified  CBD oil is packed with  CBD, rich with β-caryophyllene,  other terpenes, Chlorophyll,  and made from US grown, non GMO Natural hemp.   Offered in multiple flavors, strengths and as tinctures and gel caps.. 

Our patented process produces a  lipid rich nano-emulsion creating an efficient delivery system for delivering CBD through the digestive tract and blood stream into our cells.    If you are looking for a full spectrum CBD oil for sale,   Green Serene fully complies  with the US Hemp Association's specifications. 


Green Serene(tm)  contains <.3% THC.

We offer Green Serene tinctures in multiple flavors and in gel caps. 



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