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Adjuvia(tm) is a 30ml bottle containing 600 mg of nano-emulsified, highly bioavailable Astaxanthin carried in fractionated MCT Coconut Oil with Natural Peppermint Oil flavoring. Astaxanthin, from Haematococcus pluvialis, is 6000 times more powerful as an antioxidant than Vitamin C and 800 times more powerful than the super-antioxidant Enzyme CoQ10. Our patented process produces a nano-emulsion that delivers astaxanthin through the digestive tract and blood stream into our cells and mitochondrial walls where it protects other compounds essential for creating energy and fighting disease from oxydation. 

Adjuvia's astaxanthin and its synergistic nano emulsified blend of antioxidants dynamically unlocks your body’s powers in many ways:

  • It empowers and unleashes the energy making power of your mitochondria by reducing harmful reactive oxidative species, (ROS). So you feel and have more energy. 
  • Enhances and unleashes your immune system
  • Has been shown to mitigate some effects of aging
  • Improves Metal Acuity
  • Speeds up sports recovery
  • Increases oxidative resistance
  • Enhances Vitality
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Promotes health and healing

Product Compliance Statement Adjuvia Astaxanthin

Warning:   Adjuvia is powerful highly bioavailable nano-emulsified antioxidant that is naturally deep red in color.  Avoid Adjuvia coming into contact with clothing, fabrics and other materials as it can cause permanent staining.  Ethanol and similar solvents may be effective in stain removal.  Adjuvia will temporarily color lips, skin &  tongue.  A rinse with a mouthwash containing alcohol (such as ACT, Cepacol, Listerine) can be used to quickly remove coloring . Apply drops under the tongue for best results.